Audience Cooperative

iPlusData's Audience Cooperative offers sites with a focused audience the opportunity to create an additional revenue stream through targeted off-site ad placement.  Our program makes web sites' audience data available to advertisers to utilize for targeting in their real-time display advertising campaigns.

How Does Our Program Work?

Learn More About Audience Cooperative  

Learn More About Audience Cooperative  

We provide you with a tag, which is placed in a universal area of your site's source code and allows iPlusData to anonymously identify a user (ex User 1234) as having previously visited your site. The tag does not collect any personally identifiable information and simply allows us to identify User 1234 as, for example, a tech, fashion, sports, etc, enthusiast. For the next 30 days after User 1234 leaves your site, we are then able to deliver relevant display ads from our advertising partners to User 1234 across a network of 6,500+ sites.


How You Earn Revenue

For each ad impression served to your previous visitors (no click or conversion necessary) you will earn revenue, enabling you to monetize your outgoing traffic. The program is not a direct ad placement to your site and therefore does not utilize any of your site's ad inventory. Once you implement our tag on your site, it will take about 30 days for the cookie pool to build. After this build period, your site's data will be applied to as many relevant advertising campaigns as possible.