Audience Calculator is iPlusData’s proprietary audience building tool that enables an advertiser to create dynamic, custom audiences based on the unique online behaviors of their target customers. With Audience Calculator, gain insight into the browsing behaviors that are most relevant to your brand, build a target audience using those insights and optimize your audience in real-time based on actual campaign performance. 

Our technology simplifies the process of creating complex audiences that are unique to each advertiser and is moving the real-time advertising industry beyond static, undifferentiated audience segments. Audience Calculator improves the performance of audience targeting by scoring the online actions of each individual user.



We start by creating a small, concentrated source audience comprised of consumers who have actually purchased the advertiser’s product or service. Audience Calculator indexes the source audience against our library of thousands of behavioral events and scores each of our 400 million unique users to identify an audience that is most likely to respond to the advertiser’s offer. 

The audience is easily optimized and adjusted in real-time using threshold and recency controls. Audience Calculator can incorporate conversion data at the event level, providing an unprecedented level of insight into the browsing behaviors of an advertiser's best prospects. This tool also provides audience auto-optimization based on campaign performance.


Real-Time Access

Our custom audiences are available for targeting in near real-time. Create an audience today and run a campaign against those users tomorrow.

Recency Control

Advertisers can adjust the audience based on how recently the consumer was in market for their product or service

Real-Time Optimization

Our technology auto-optimizes on a daily basis to ensure that the most relevant audience is actionable the next day.