A new world of Data Science is emerging

It’s all about Data. We collect billions of data-points from web visitors’ in thousands of web sites, and we crunch the data to understand who those visitors are. We can find what the visitors are interested in, and what you should advertise to these visitors. Advertising to visitors we profile generate up to 400% increase in advertising ROI. It’s all about the data.

Real-Time Custom Audiences

Create on-the-fly custom audiences that fully matches your ROI requirements, with our patented Audience-Creation algorithms. Automatically target your audience on the advertising eco-system, to reach each and every individual visitor.

Full Transparency

Fully transparent platform, allowing our advertisers to know the source of the audience data they are targeting. This approach gives our clients better insight, confidence of authenticity and control around the data powering their online advertising campaigns. Cross Pixel is fully committed to data quality, performance and transparency.

Data Distribution

Our data is available to marketers across the entire real-time advertising ecosystem. Advertisers can access our data and deliver advertising to the audiences we provide across thousands of web sites utilizing ad formats including pre-roll video, display advertising, social media, text links, content and more.

Our Team

Great companies have great people. We pride ourselves on the bright, talented, passionate minds that make up our brilliant team. Our mission is to provide our clients with individualised, expert advertising solutions that drives ROI. Our team brings with it a rich and diverse background in internet marketing, sales, management, and years of experience as leaders in the internet marketing, display advertising, and search engine marketing space.

We’re looking for skilled people to join our growing team. You could be part of the action. Please send your CV to [email protected]

Where Quality Meets Performance

We work with dozens of supply and demand partners to create closed-loop-performance-prediction around the Mobile Marketing Eco-System. We take performance seriously. We focus on results.

Why choose us?

  • Low-risk algorithmic prediction down to the single impression
  • Clear ROI driven focus: only pay for results
  • Global reach, channels through 1st tier and 2nd tier geographies
  • Real-time tracking of performance campaigns
  • Round-Clock campaign optimization
  • Dedicated Account Managers

Join the 3,000+ Advertisers who work with us 

“Seriously this is the most versatile and customizable campaign management system, we got amazing results working with the iPlusData team. Professional AM, razor-sharp optimization and huge reach resulted in achieving 110% of our ROI goals. Highly recommended!”  – Consultoria